10 Things To Talk About To keep The Conversation Going

boy and girl talking

Shopping  is a girl’s best therapy to relieve stress and enjoy. When you talk about shopping she’ll love it. Ask her for the places she loves shopping from and talk about various famous shops for her. She’ll definitely love you if you are gonna go for shopping with her and carry her bags
 Daily gossips is something girl’s excel in and expect no guy to talk so. Be that guy and talk about things in her life , be it her friends , movies , work , some hot and spicy things going on in the college. And interact with her like a girl . She’ll find you like a soul sister.
Talk about her best buddies and her hangout group. They are the people who know her the best. Know them. Talk about the pranks they play. About that guy she shares things with. It’ll make her  feel free to talk about it to you.
Because she loves every small surprise you plan for her. And she goes crazy when you talk about it. Talk about what type of surprises she would love to have.  And next time make her day by doing so. You can surprise her by sending some beautiful gifts without any occasion since she is not expecting. Is it not cool ?
Tell her that you love those scattered flicks on her face and that you seem to get lost in them. Girls find it cute when a guy plays with her hair
Tell her that you have not seen anyone as charming as her. Talk about her little things like eyes  , lips , her gloss , her mascara. She would feel on cloud nine when you notice every miniature thing about her and you’ll win her heart forever.
 Tell her that she’s your sunshine of happiness. It’s her happiness that makes you happy. Know about things that make her feel happy be it lunch or a movie or going to some adventure park or going out for a walk. Her happiness is now your priority. Make sure you make her up.
This topic is top on the list of topics that must be handled with tact, especially if it is still very early on in the relationship. Coming on too fast may scare your girlfriend away and also not talking about it may raise some questions about commitment. We all know the one question that all men dread; so, where is this relationship going? If you want to avoid the anxiety associated with that question and its variants, this is a key area you should be talking about with your girlfriend.
If you find yourself in a conversation with your girlfriend that is running dry, a good solution is looking no further that that exact time. You can always opt for something simple to get the conversation going such as your immediate surroundings. If you are outdoors, you can start by talking about the weather.
 In my opinion, one of the best conversations to have with your girlfriend is one that involves past events and experiences. You can choose to talk about childhood experiences. This will definitely invoke some golden memories. Talk about your most embarrassing moments either in school or at home. Some of these experiences may have something to do with your current personality. Talk about something very wrong or illegal that you did and may or may not have gotten away with. You may find out that your girlfriend has a much crazier past than you and this is guaranteed to generate a few laughs. Bring up extremely funny experiences


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