10 Way To Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You

guy stoping his crush

Surely you’ve been in a situation where you happen to have stumbled upon a person to completely takes your breath away. That person is all you seem to think about, even when you’re consciously trying to think of something completely different.


You’ve found yourself doing odd things, things you’d never do in a realistic situation. Finding the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge is a completely normal thing for you now.

1. Maintaining eye contact. According to a study by Harvard psychologist Zick Rubin, couples who are really in love look at each other while they were talking 75 percent of the time, so try to resist the urge to nervously look away. It’s so tempting, I know.

2. Be vulnerable

In order to let someone in you have to be vulnerable yourself. You can’t expect for someone to fall in love with you if you’re not completely ready to fall in love yourself.

Be vulnerable enough to let someone see all sides of you, especially the side where you confess your feelings. Without that confession, he may never know you want to take the friendship to a whole different level.

3. Show kindness

Nothing beats kindness, especially if you want your crush to fall in love with you. Kindness means you have compassion. Compassion is attractive.

So if you like someone and you want to know how to make your crush fall in love with you, just be kind. Be careful, though, your crush may think you’re just a very sweet girl with friendship intentions, so don’t be afraid to add a little bit of flirtation to the mix.

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4. Be emotionally available

Whatever you do, don’t pursue someone if you’re not emotionally available. Not only will you disappoint your crush if he finally becomes more than just someone you like, but you’ll find yourself extremely confused and disappointed yourself.

If you have unresolved heartache from a previous relationship, it’s best to sort it out before starting a new venture to follow your heart. Besides, a woman who’s emotionally available is so much more attractive.

5. Don’t be afraid to touch

Touching is one of the most important elements of letting your crush know you fancy him. How to make your crush fall in love with you? Simply touch his arm ever so often.

Make small gestures. Touch in appropriate places, though, unless you want things to go in a whole different direction. Don’t be overbearing, and avoid touching your crush too often. You may come across as being clingy – something guys try to avoid at all costs.

6. Give compliments

Tell him he looks good, and if he smells good, let him know. There’s nothing sexier when a guy takes care of himself. I’m not saying he should go for regular manicures and pedicures, but if he makes an effort to look good, let him know.

Men, just like women, enjoy receiving compliments. So scoop up all the courage you have and give a compliment ever so often. He’ll notice.

7. Smile as much as you can

Smiling is a great sign that you’re friendly and approachable. Men would much rather go up to a woman who’s friendly, cutting the odds in half of being rejected.

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However, since you fancy him, why not make the first move and smile in his direction. Remember to use eye contact, and make sure you don’t have leftover lunch stuck between your teeth. Other than that, just be yourself and show those pearly whites.

8. Smell really good

Different smells trigger different hormones within the brain. So if you smell good, your crush will associate that with something he may want. Men, by nature, are hunters.

So if he thinks you smell good and he finds you interesting, chances are, he’s going to do the chasing. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy being courted. It may sound extremely primal, but it’s a fact. So pull out your perfume immediately and spritz away.

9. Take care of your appearance

Men like women who make an effort to look after themselves. By no means am I saying you have to dress up, wear heels every day, get salon-styled hair, or even wear expensive jewelry.

As long as you make an effort to wash your hair, wear something clean, and smell good, the right guy will find you attractive. Determining how to make your crush fall in love with you is all about falling in love with yourself and finding someone who appreciates who you are. It really is that simple.

10. Find common interests

You don’t have to be interested in every single activity of his, but if you want to make your crush fall in love with you, make sure you’re at some of the same events as him.

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If he’s into sports, try it out for a little while – even if it’s not your thing. You want to make it seem as if you have common interests even if you’re not sure you share the same interests.

Your crush will notice and put you in a different category as all the other women. Besides, you may have more things in common than you realize, so make a few sacrifices and become a fan of his favorite team.


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