5 Signs To Know If She Likes you

5 Signs To Know If She Likes you

You finally fall for this certain girl. You really like her but you don’t know if the feeling is mutual. She normally looks at you, smile at you, act a little nervous around you and sometimes compliments you.But you can not till figure out if she really likes you.


To satisfy you curiosity we have come up with a list of things that girls do if they really like you. Check out the list below.

She always finds an excuse to “touch you”

When you say a joke or something funny and she starts laughing and the touches you hands or your shoulders or chest or sometimes your face or give you a little playful slap. That is a very good sign that she likes you.

She makes “long” and awkward “eye contact”

long awkward eye contact

According to research eye contact should me maintained 60-70 percent during a conversation or 2/3 of the conversation. If she makes eye contact more than this , it can mean she likes you. It can also mean she is very friendly or overconfident.

She suddenly starts avoiding you

You are convinced you didn’t do anything wrong or you didn’t step over any boundary. She just suddenly started avoiding you. It simple means she has started to feel something for you. It can also mean that she doesn’t like you at all.

Always looks for opportunities “to talk to you”

This sign definitely means that she likes you or that your feelings are mutual.

It can sometimes mean that you have been friend zoned, she just consider you a good friend.

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Nervous around you 

nervous around you

If she’s nervous around you she would start blushing , totally avoiding eye contact, giving too much personal information . laughing at things that are not funny and sometime may even talk louder around you. If she does these thing around you especially the giving of too much personal information she definitely likes you.

This are just a few signs that will help you know if she likes you. They are many other signs can also help you know if she likes you . If you agree with the above signs or you know other signs, you can share and comment.


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