5 Steps To Get Over Your Ex

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Breakup,There’s no easy way to say it—breaking up sucks. Ending a relationship is sad, exhausting, and emotionally draining. But it’s hard to know how to move on when you’re feeling like a failure and still thinking of your ex. When you’re really feeling lost, it can help to have a little structure. To help give you some, here are six steps for how to move on from the end of a relationship.


Dispose of your ex’s possession

 If you keep anything at all, be sure to think of it a token of friendship, not of your relationship. If they bring bad memories, then throw them out or dispose of them in any way you desire.

Enlist your support system.

You know those friends and family members who keep checking in and asking how you’re doing? They’re not just doing it to be nice; they genuinely care about you and want to offer support however they can. Take them up on their offers of grabbing drinks, having dinner, or seeing a movie. If you want to talk about the breakup with them, they’re all ears. If not, just enjoy the company; they’ll be there when you’re ready.

Avoid contacting your ex.

There comes a time after your breakup when you’ll wonder, Can I be friends with my ex? And in most cases, the answer is no. Simply put, trying to form a friendship with someone after ending a romantic relationship with them never works out quite the way you picture it. No matter how positive your intentions; someone will inevitably end up getting hurt. If you’re feeling the urge to text your ex when you’re sad, or call them just to hear their voice, put that thought out of your mind. Instead, call a friend to talk, turn on music to distract your thoughts, or take a walk to get some fresh air. Your heart will thank you.

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Be introspective

 Quite a bit of research indicates the key to recovering from a breakup is focusing inward on yourself. Spend some time re-working your goals, values, and reminding yourself who you are. Brush up on your independent skills and do whatever you can to make yourself strong.

Do something nice for yourself.

They say you shouldn’t make any big purchases or life decisions immediately after a breakup. You can, however, indulge in small changes that will boost your mood and put you in a different mindset. Treat yourself to a new haircut, a spa day, or those new shoes you’ve been eyeing. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone. You deserve it!


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