7 Sign You Are Dating An Alpha Female

alpha female on red dress

Most guys can’t handle them; most girls want to be them and almost everyone loves them. Alpha females are the hottest girls because they know exactly what they want and they aren’t afraid to take it. Their confidence is infectious and presence is addictive, and if you’re lucky enough to date one, you know exactly what the signs are.


1. She is confident

The alpha female doesn’t really need a man to protect her and guide her through anything. She is capable of making decisions and carrying them out confidently.

2. She has her career sorted

One of the major characteristics of an alpha woman is that she is not going to be financially dependent on anybody. She knows that her career is important, and she is willing to go to any extent to ensure that she doesn’t mess around with it.

3. She Got her Own Fashion Sense. Rather than following the latest trends, you have your own unique way of dressing. That’s because you’re alpha enough to realize that trends only last a short time, but real style lasts forever.

4. She Not Intimidated By Others. 

Success is never a zero-sum game, and a real alpha female understands this. As a result, she isn’t intimidated or jealous of others’ successes. This is similar to the alpha males

5. When It Comes To Getting What she Want, shes Focused On It. 

No one can stop an alpha female from pursuing what she wants in life, be it a great career, a great boyfriend, or that last bottle of hair dye at the store.

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6. She calls it like she sees it.

She doesn’t do bullshit. If something isn’t right she’s not gonna stick her head in the sand in the hope that it’ll go away. She knows that problems are best-addressed head on, and she’s not going to tiptoe around the issue for the sake of feelings. If you want to be with her, you best man the fuck up.

7. Debates are foreplay.

There’s nothing better to set the pulse racing than a contest of minds. You step toe to toe and hold your own and neither of you will be wearing clothes by the end of the discussion. Sometimes its worth playing devils advocate just to see the sparks fly.


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