How Love At First Sight Works

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Love at first sight isn’t a myth, it happens. Happens a lot, in fact. And it can happen to anyone, sometimes without your knowledge or will.
Girls mostly find a guy perfectly attractive when he looks into her eyes for the first time and gives a funny  smile. This gives girls a thought of their end of perfect guy.
Guys always or frequently experience love at first sight but they really fall in love when girls pass by them at turn around with a smile . That is the moment guys fall for and Love happens.
. In accordance to  Psychological Facts “Each couple that engages in love at first sight believes that their passionate feelings for one another will overcome the steep odds against a whimsical union actually providing a lifetime of personal fulfillment for each partner.”
. Love at first sight was a good start. But falling in love immediately also makes you lose your senses. I tried talking to her that day, but I was a nervous wreck.There are a lot of complex processes that subconsciously set things into motion when these three things that really matter enter the picture.
Falling in love or experiencing love at first sight can be a beautiful sensation. While our pheromones, genes and body odours are hard at work in the background, all we experience in our mind are intense highs and delirious moments like a junkie high on coke.
If both of you find yourselves getting attracted to each other when you meet for the first time, there’s a very good chance that evolution has handpicked a perfect match
You’d do anything to get their attention, and you most definitely want their eyes on you. So whether you try to make a conversation with them, or simply try to impress them with your charming personality, you leave no stone unturned while doing so. Your sole mission is to get them drawn towards you, and make them feel the same way that you feel about them.
You can’t seem to stop thinking about them from that very minute you set your eyes on them. They are on your mind, not just once or twice, but throughout the day, all day every day! Or maybe even for days on end. Whatever you try to do, you can’t get them out. They are stuck in your mind like a tape, and never seem to leave you from their clutches. So, no matter how hard you try to get your mind off them or distract yourself, you’d still be thinking about them.
Love is trust and just an eye contact is enough to know whether you trust him/her.
Needless to say, if you are someone who truly believes in love at first sight, you are a diehard romantic. Because, for most people such a love happens only in movies with music in the background. They don’t consider these things to hold any value in real life and dismiss it. But not you. You are that romantic who is constantly singing love songs in your mind, waiting to hold hands and walk on the beach, imagining your future kids and a house, and obsessing over the color of that person’s eyes..
No matter what happens, you never give up. You are a positive person and that quality shows easily. As against the many cynics who have their reservations on love, relationships, dating, and marriage, you don’t have any such apprehensions. You believe that you can achieve everything, including winning the other person’s heart, and will follow your heart to achieve it.
You’ve spent hours, or maybe days imagining a future with this person. Actually, from the minute you set eyes on them, you have envisioned a whole lot of things. You pictured them on a date, you pictured holding hands or kissing them, you probably even pictured them undressed *wink*, and then you dreamed of settling down with them in your dream home. So, you are not only imaginative, you are positive and hopeful.
Unlike how sometimes after the first few dates, people stop getting attracted to each other, in your case, that almost never happens. The attraction is very real and you are unable to focus on anything else if that person is around. You’d probably goof up a lot in their presence and end up looking stupid, but that means you are immensely attracted to them. The feeling is as real as it gets. It’s like an invisible magnetic attraction of some sort and you can’t seem to run away from it. Not that you are trying to, but you know.
Since you first saw that person you fell in love with at first sight, you want to know everything about them. Not just their name or where they live. But what they like to eat and what’s their favorite color; you don’t fear creeping them out sometimes in an attempt to know them better.
If you experience these signs of love at first sight, then there is no surprise that you are one of those dreamy, yet adventurous people who are driven by feelings. The feeling are beyond words and is something that won’t leave you easily. And you don’t mind it because you are truly enjoying the roller coaster ride of emotions you’re experiencing. Your heart races at the sight of this person and there is an instant attraction that is uncontrollable. You simply give in to it


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