How To Talk With Your Crush If Shy

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Find the best ways to stop being shy around your crush in school or at work. These tips will make you confident and overcome shyness in front of someone you like.


Social skills in a shy person can rust over time. We show you the best ways to stop being shy in front of your crush. These tips are for both guys and girls to deal with the nervousness and fear when they come close to the person they like. Shyness, insecurity and fear can lead to not having social contact and that degrades the ability to approach a girl or a guy and thus reduces our chances of finding a mate.

Some people even under this assumption, thought better to give up talking to their love to be alone forever. There’s nothing wrong with being alone (without being isolated of course), but this has to be the result of a conscious decision and not undesired circumstances.

1. Go Crazy

It may not work for everyone, but pushing the envelope can be one way that you can be noticed by your crush. Approach him first and ask him out or just do something completely crazy. You self-confidence and flair will attract him immediately. Even better, you will lose some of your nervousness in normal conversation after doing something unusually insane.


2. Be Prepared

Before you decide to start a conversation with your crush, do your research. Everyone has unique interests and favorite topics. If he is interested in basketball or woodcarving, try learning about it a little in advance. If you have background information on one of his favorite pastimes, it will make it far easier to start a conversation. Think of your favorite sport, hobby or book. Whenever you meet someone with the same interest, it seems like you could talk forever about the topic. The same thing is true for other people. If you research in advance, you can easily draw him into a conversation that lasts forever.

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3. Forget About Perfection

No one is perfect, and your crush already knows that. Whenever you are around your crush, you do not have to worry about being unusually serious or unbelievably perfect. Real people with flaws and personality are far more attractive than a fake Barbie doll wannabe. Let your inner silliness shine, and you are more likely to get the guy of your dreams. If you do make a major mistake or misstep, just smile and laugh it off. Every mistake is an opportunity for a new inside joke with your crush or a chance to show that you are a down-to-earth girl.

4. Become a body language expert

OK, that was a joke, of course, because it would take you really a long time to become an expert. However, it’s not that hard to become more conscious about the non-verbal signs that a guy is giving you. After all, the biggest fear we all have, when it comes to approaching someone, is the fear of rejection. So, be observant. Does your crush smile at you whenever he sees you? Does he look a bit nervous? Does he start to touch his hair when you are around? If yes, then it’s very likely that he’s as much interested in you as you are in him, but he is simply too shy to make that first step. So spend some time observing him before you decide whether you want to make the first move yourself or not.

5. Trust your intuition

Since we’re talking about shy people, chances are you’re consciously telling yourself that you will be rejected. But try and listen to your inner voice. Could it be that your inner voice tells you otherwise? Sometimes we unconsciously notice things, and we can feel the attitude of other people towards us. Yet, well too often we disregard what our intuition tells us and then we suffer the consequences, such as missing on good opportunities that could potentially grow into something wonderful. Listen to your inner voice and if it tells you: “Go for it!”, then go and ask him out.

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6. Stop Judging Yourself

Like number seven, this tip is focused more on your actions and beliefs. You have to stop judging yourself in private before you can successfully approach your crush. The truth is, all of those weird smiles, odd laughs and freckles that you thought ruined your appearance are endearing to someone else. Even major faux pas are not as bad as they seem. Your crush is most likely just as nervous around you as you are around him. If you are able to relax and not judge yourself harshly, it will put him at ease.


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