Make Her Know You Like Her Without A Word

make her know you like her without a word

Spend Time With Her


It should be pretty obvious you like her if you’re spending your time and hanging out WITH HER.

Especially if your time is important to you.

The more you seem to enjoy her company and just being around her, the more it tells her that you like her – without you needing to open your mouth.

Be Playful

When you kiss her ass and put her on a pedestal, you’re communicating, “I don’t believe I’m good enough for you. I wish and I hope you’ll give me a chance!”

This desperate way of showing her you like her makes her feel repulsed rather than “drawn” to you.

BUT when you’re interacting with her in a lighthearted manner that’s fun and playful, you’re not communicating to her that she’s better than you or you don’t believe you have a chance with her.

It’s saying, “I like you, I think you’re cool, and I want to have fun with you.”

Tease Her

If you want to tell her you like her and have the high chance of her liking you back, teasing her (without being a total asshole) cuts straight through all the BS and sends all the right messages.

It lets her you know you like her, she’s worth your attention, and you’re not intimidated by her.

Get Physical

When you like her, let her know by not being afraid to grab her hand.

Let her know you want her by not being afraid to kiss her.

Let her know you’re into her by not being afraid to touch her.

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Let her know you’re interested in her by holding her hand just a second too long when you meet her or see her.

Touching is by far the fastest and most powerful way to build comfort and rapport with someone.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Sexual

If you’re making sexual innuendos, talking to her in a sexual tone, looking at her in a sexual way, or just communicating in a sexual manner, it’s going to be insanely obvious that you’re interested in her.

It won’t be hard for her to get the hint.

If you weren’t interested in her, you wouldn’t be doing anything sexual around her.


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