Natural Remedies For Lips Lightening

light lips

The lips of the female is one of there precious selling point
There’s no doubt—naturally rosy lips are an appealing feature of a woman’s beauty or a man’s good looks. So, many people who have dark lips want to lighten them.
Some of the main causes of dark lips areexcessive exposure to direct sunlight, anallergic reaction, use of low-quality cosmetics, chewing tobacco, excessive smoking, high caffeine intake, and hormonal imbalances.
There are many ways to lighten dark lips that don’t require buying expensive products or treatments creams that are filled with harmful chemicals and could cause lips breakage . so below i have some natural remedies that could help you and have no side effects
Olive oil can also be used to make your lips lively and vibrant. Olive oil contains many essential nutrients to nurture your lips and its moisturizing property will make them soft and beautiful.
. Apply a few drops of extra virgin olive oil on your lips and massage it gently. Do this daily before going to bed.
. Alternatively, mix one-half teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil.
. Scrub your lips gently with this mixture once a week. This simple recipe will restore your natural lip color and shine within a month or two.
Pomegranate as a fruit in itself has
 health benefits. I’d suggest you make some juice and drink it down. But if you ask me what to you do with the left over seeds, here’s my tip. Use them to make your own fruity exfoliator! It does wonders for lightening dark lips and giving them a rosy touch.
. Slice open a pomegranate, get the seeds out and crush them up.
. Mix the crushed seeds with cream to form a good old paste.
. On clean lips, apply this paste and leave it on for ten minutes.
. Wash off with warm water.
We are all aware of the goodness of honey and lemon. These two go together like carrots and peas. It’s a miraculous combination remedy for so many problems. Honey is a natural moisturizer while lemon juice acts as natural bleach.
. Mix the two ingredients and blend them together in a glass bowl.
. Apply this lip mask and leave it on your lips for 10-15 minutes.
. Wash it off with warm water and follow up with a layer of lip balm.
Exfoliation is important – be it for your body, face or lips. It helps remove the barrier of dead skin cells and uncover fresh new cells. This sugar and oil scrub is an excellent way to exfoliate and nourish your lips, it’s one extra step with extra benefits.
. Mix one table spoon of brown sugar or white sugar with 1 table spoon of olive or coconut oil in a glass bowl.
. Scoop out a little mixture and gently scrub your lips in circular motions.
. Wipe the scrub off using a damp cloth and finally moisturize your lips with a balm.
  Lemon is known for its natural bleaching properties. Hence, it’s an effective natural home remedy to lighten dark lips. It can not only lighten dark lips, but also can remove darker patches and spots from your lips and skin. Lemon juice works to exfoliate your lip’s skin and brings up new tone on your lips.
.  Squeeze a lemon and massage its fresh juice over your lips.
.  You can apply this home remedy every night before you sleep to get glossy and pink lips.
 Raspberry contains essential minerals and vitamins which can make your lips vibrant and bubbly.
. Make a paste by mixing raspberry with aloe vera and pure honey.
. Message and scrub your lips with this paste and rinse it off after 10 minutes.
. Thereafter apply a homemade lip balm on your lips   to enhance gloss on your lips and give them pink color.


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