Top 5 Anti-Ageing Fruits

We all know there is no such thing “Forever Young” or “Fountain of Youth”. We also know that every one will get old someday, but their are things that can done to to help us look younger as long as possible.

We have come up with a list of fruits that we can consume that helps reduce the effect of ageing. Such as wrinkling of skin, growth of grey hair , dry skin, discoloration of skin and some other effects of ageing.



Berries Anti-ageing fruits

Berries are anti-antioxidants. They contain  fiber that helps in the production of vitamins and minerals in the body, which is crucial to help you reduce ageing effects.


watermelon anti-ageing fruits

Watermelons are one of the fruits that are love by almost everybody. They contain a high level of minerals , they are antioxidants. They contain high level of vitamins and water which helps to keep your body and skin nourished and prevents wrinkles and dryness of skin.


 oranges anti-ageing fruits

Oranges are fruits that contain a large amount of vitamin C. An orange contain enough vitamin C needed for a whole day. They are low calorie fruits and they have strong detoxifying power.


bananas anti-ageing friuts

Bananas contain high potassium and low sodium. They help to lower or balance your blood pressure and are very good for the heart. High blood pressure increases ageing rate.


applea anti-ageing fruits

You must have heard this “Eating an apple daily takes you one step away from the doctor”. Apples contain soluble and insoluble fibers which helps you stay full for a longer time. It helps in the area of brain health. Apples helps to keep your skin nourished and helps reduce skin discoloration.

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There are other fruits that makes one look younger.

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